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Monday, October 31, 2005


Ever since FRIENDSTER upgraded their network a lot of us have found ourselves logging in more frequently than we used to. I know. I’m guilty of it too. The overhaul had really made being “connected” more exciting than ever, what with the many possibilities that we can do regarding stuff that we can share with other people on the internet – fave pics, fave music videos, artsy tendencies (the CSS thing), etc. What we can do is limited only by our creativity and/or our moods. We have more choices, more ways to express ourselves and give the world a glimpse of who we really are. And so we find ourselves logging in more often, doing those fancy stuff on our profiles and our respective blog sites…

A li’l reality check… Just how many of us actually pay attention to Friendster’s Friend Tracker section and devote time to checking on our friends’ so-called improvements? How many of us actually read our friends’ profiles (not just those of our crushes, of celebrities’ and other intriguing people…) and their messages in the bulletin board and entries in their respective blog sites? How many of us actually find the time to answer/ comment on their messages/posts? How many of us really bother to write testimonials that really “Testify” to our so-called “friendships”? How many of us do actually KNOW all the people who are in our respective networks? Who among these individuals are really our FRIENDS and not just some name who we have added just because we want them to be counted? I know people who boast of having multiple accounts because one account is not enough for the volume of their friends. I actually sort of envy those people. I mean to have 530 friends…wow! Sarcasm aside, to have that many friends really makes one so very rich and very blessed indeed.

There’s only so much that virtual reality can do for us. It is one of the issues that have had me hesitating at first to join the popular on-line network. But then of course, the lure of “staying connected” had got me too. I could not resist the many doors that could open if ever I tried to risk “opening a door” too…

Possibilities. It is all these friendship networks as well as the rest of the WWW can ever offer us. Like everything else in life, it doesn’t guarantee us anything. In the end, it is actually kind of funny and sad how we all strive to make our profiles and blog sites stand out, investing so much effort in posting our pictures and thoughts and just about anything we can share actually, yet most people are also busy doing the same to a degree that it could be hard for them to actually notice our efforts. So much for wanting to stand-out, be memorable, be cool, be unique, and etc. We tend to BELIEVE that people do “SEE” us; read and view our stuff and take a GENUINE INTEREST in us. However, judging from our own practices when we spend time on-line, we are all too busy “upgrading” and “improving” to actually REACH OUT and CONNECT.

I know. Most of the time, I am such a pain. For this particular entry, I’ll tell you why… Can’t sleep eh…hehe… d;p

kaigachi is a conjugation of the Japanese term "kigaicha" or crazy. It roughly translates as "crazy about something."

"One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light but by making the darkness conscious." - C.Jung

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