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Monday, December 19, 2005

to TONI RIVERO: an open letter

I guess it’s crazy to fall in love so soon. I don’t believe in love at first sight. However, I don’t think that it is crazy to have found meaning in a sporting event, more so to have found a metaphor in a person whom you have only seen on a 21-inch screen. Strange because it was my first time to have seen you and watch you fight (but I have heard about Athens) and yet that moment has been quite an experience. It was especially significant since it was not too long ago when I decided that I will get all that I can from life.

Watching you had brought back not-so-old memories. When I was your age, I already was on the verge of letting go. Life had turned prematurely and literally grey for me; it no longer held any joy. Courage (or the lack of it) was the only thing that had kept me from finally consenting to just slip away. Yet there you were on national TV, the same age as I have been, kicking like it is the last and only fight you will ever have; showing such grit, such determination, such eagerness and so much passion that I immediately knew you were doing it not merely for the gold. It occurred to me that you were there because that was what you really wanted. You were doing your best because you have to, for to do any less would be a disservice to yourself and to all that you live for… Had I been that passionate? Had I been that determined? I remember that at one point I no longer cared. Not now though. Hopefully I shall never be that same person ever again. Life is one big fight and it is everything worth fighting for. There is so much in life to live for.

You have moved me, Toni Rivero. It is so hard to say this not only because you are someone who must have heard so much about herself from other people’s perspective, but more so because it freaks me into finding out just why. But then even if words fail me, I just want you to know what you have allowed me to see. And so I say, “Carry on!” Just continue living your dreams and your passions. Hopefully you get to inspire more people, especially the young ones, and those who have given up on their dreams; get to open more eyes to the joy of meeting life halfway. I pray that you do. I also pray that you’d be happy a thousand times more than you are sad or just okay, and that you’ll continue to “grow”….
Carry on, your royal highness! God bless!
kaigachi is a conjugation of the Japanese term "kigaicha" or crazy. It roughly translates as "crazy about something."

"One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light but by making the darkness conscious." - C.Jung

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Proudly Pinay!
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