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Monday, March 13, 2006

Take Time

... perhaps it is an ill use of time because at the moment, I am supposed to be cramming for my Socio 101 term paper due on 3rd period Monday. But then, thanks to my current playlist, I am digressing. Boyz II Men's "Everything Is You" just finished playing and now the current track is.. "Gone" - the instrumental piano piece which used to be featured in Coney Reyes on Camera every time there is a heavy drama or thinking scene...(so 1980s..) I was just suddenly reminded of the people who have been texting me these past days and whose messages I just kept ignoring. This is not to defend myself but merely to justify why i'm not answering.

1 . i really am not much of a texter, i prefer live conversations,

2. i only send important messages (that includes official business and academic messages as well as "mga kakulitan" that at certain times are important to me),

3.i am always running out of "text funds" or simply said, i am always out of funds...,

4. I'm really not keen on forwarded messages, i prefer direct "lines"/ original messages that you composed and typed before pressing the SEND button,
5. i guess i just am not that susceptible to blackmail (sorry guys but yes, this goes out to those who send "paawa" messages), and while i am at it, let me also clear that 6. i don't have the time, the patience nor the "load" to participate in "popularity campaigns" (e.g. send this to __ number of friends and the number who texted back indicates the number who loves you, etc.) nor did i ask to be a part of you "mailing lists" (those notorious and notoriously irritating chain (messages... grrr!!!)

... but then after every one of my complaints, I do want you people to know that nothwithstanding my silence, my thoughts are always with you. i do take time. i just wish that there is a better and more concrete way of letting you know just how important you are to me. the frustrating thing with technology is that even if it allows you to reach out, it is not a conductor of sincerity. warmth in the form of words can easily be superficial. i'd much rather hug you in person til you gasp for breath, than fill your celfone inboxes with "sweet, forwarded" messages....


I was on the subject of taking time. On that note, I just want to remind everyone to take time to tell people who are important to you in every imaginable way (e.g. your parents, your "load" provider, your favorite teacher, your partner in crime during class examinations, the college-mate who never fails to make you crack up and smile, your seatmate who is always generous with her yellow paper and baon,etc.) that they are important to you; that they matter. Believe me when I say that it will matter so much even if at the moment you say it, it will appear that they did not hear (anyway, you can always repeat it).The amount of inspiration and kindness and joy that your one simple act of gratefulness can lead to may astound you. Imagine having to create a ripple effect that simply.... ;)

... now back to my paper... ciao! :)
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