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Monday, October 16, 2006


Meron pala nito, ehehe… I came across this one while doing research for an Archives & Records Management class. It makes one realize that indeed, there is always a “professional” way of doing things including blogging. Like almost every code of ethics that there exists, it is not actually an attempt to “standardize” but merely to remind everyone what is “socially acceptable” or what practices would result to works that will not offend or hurt other people. In more practical terms, it is a guide to practice that won’t result to a lawsuit, i.e., in blogging terms that would be equivalent to plagiarism- and libel-free writing. So there, I hope to those still not in the know, this serves as new knowledge and fair warning…

The following texts are all from this reference:
Minor, Carolyn & Cooke, Carol. Blogging for Beginners. Retrieved October 2, 2006 from: )

Charlene Li’s Sample Blogger Code of Ethics

§ I will tell the truth.
§ I will write deliberately and with accuracy.
§ I will acknowledge and correct mistakes promptly.
§ I will not delete comments unless they are spam or off-topic.
§ I will strive for high quality with every post – including basic spellchecking.
§ I will stay on topic.
§ I will disagree with other opinions respectfully.
§ I will link to online references and original source materials directly. (that I did do! J )

The Ethical Blogger” by K. G. Schneider [Free Range Librarian]
Cite it
Get it right
If you broke it, fix it.

So, you think you can abide by it? :)
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