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Thursday, April 05, 2007

sound tracks.

“…Never wanna be without you. Oh no, here I go, now you know what I feel about you…I must have been wrong without you… Oh no, there I go, no control.. and I’m falling… NOW YOU KNOW ” Now You Know / OST: A Cinderella Story

Funny how soundtracks can really affect the way you feel about an artist (coz I’m really no Hilary Duff fan), or a cliché storyline, and
strangely affect you the way that it was meant to … Yup, I am happily guilty of falling in love with feel-good movies especially one with a groovy soundtrack. I am one of those people who, while watching a film, my ears and my brain are primed to listen intently and take note of the perfect-song-for-the-moments throughout the film. And yup, I stay for the credits just so I could see the track titles and their artists.

I heartily believe that music could make or break a movie. Sadly, there are movies where the sound track is the only good thing. I know, no one needs my opinion but I swear that that exactly is what happened to the film adaptation of THE QUEEN OF THE DAMNED. Damn George Lucas for such a lousy production of one of my favorite Anne Rice novels (it was supposed to be a fusion of Book 2 & 3 of the Vampire Chronicles: The Vampire Lestat and The Queen of the Damned) ever! It killed me worse than an ugly vampire’s mortal bite would.

In keeping with the Holy Week mood, this is a confession. Yep, I live for to-die-for soundtracks. AND I so adore romantic films! I love romantic-comedies and period pieces (the one with all the costumesJ ). Of the ones that I have seen, so far nothing still beats Shakespeare In Love for sheer romance, what with all the poetry, and Ever After which, for me, is still the best Cinderella story. Of course it helped that I love Drew Barrymore and that she and Dougray Scott looked so good together. For sheer fun and wit, Casanova and A Midsummer Night’s Dream are also good films…

I actually stay away from tragedies. I feel there’s just too much about it in real life that if I could, even for a space of a half hour or so, I’d just like to fortify myself with all the “goodness” that I could get from such stories. Although sometimes these very films and music seem to be the source of my “delusions”, still, the fact can’t be denied that it also reinforces my faith that even if fairytales aren’t for real, love and all the good that can ensue from it can still be possible. I just have to hold on… J Oh, here I go again… I guess it’s about time I write something positive again. I’ve been feeling so lost and weary and just plain cynical lately. Ironically for me, one dose of a modern-day fairytale was all it took to make me believe in rainbows and dreams again…
kaigachi is a conjugation of the Japanese term "kigaicha" or crazy. It roughly translates as "crazy about something."

"One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light but by making the darkness conscious." - C.Jung

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