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Friday, May 11, 2007

About Daisy

She is but one girl who, like every other girl, isn't really just like "every other girl" at all. I just wanted to write about her I guess and in doing so, I intend to find out just why.

A scorpio currently in love with a Libran who shares the same birth month, she has been driving my family quite crazy for the last several weeks (or was it months already??) with her incessant chatter, incessant text messages, and incessant "trips" which translated, actually means indulging in just about every whim especially when it comes to food. This girl has a certain fondness for bagoong (shrimp paste) which might surprise people who think they know her. Her experiments with it has actually given me the idea to someday (as soon as investment resources are available) have a gourmet bagoong business. She is also quite equally fond of eggplant and squash. Sometimes however, as she continually shares the table with us, I have been driven to think if the indulgement in our humble fares is really the source of her seemingly immense enjoyment. For the past several months, our family meals have not been really fit for "entertainment", even if we try to bother at all (because we actually don' trait.) since we cannot afford to. I actually have been craving for KFC and pizza for the last five months, and here was this girl who can afford all that and more on a daily basis yet never seems to grow tired of bagoong, pritong talong, tokwa, ginataan or adobong gulay, tuyo, and the endless cups of sometimes-weak-but-always-shared coffee. Sometimes, when I am momentarily drawn to think on such things, I can't help but wonder why. Was it the food, or was it the act of sharing it with us? My family pride is now coming on strongly coz it just might be about us. But what does this line of thinking tells me? That she enjoys our company? That she could adjust well to situations such as ours? That she might really be that serious about my brother? That she might just be more than a bit lonely sometimes and that aside from being a novel experience, she has found that she has no time to feel so while with a family as large as ours (we're eight noisy, hyper-active children aged 26-9 years old with equally "hyper-active" parents)?

Actually, there is more to this than just my observations about her regarding her enjoyment with food. To date, she is the only person I know who wears braces and yet is so very fond of eating with gusto. Her infatuation with bagoong is but one part of that story. In the relatively short time that she has been staying with us, she has managed to amuse me with her wit (a walking encylopedia of quotable quotes),her sense of humor and sarcasm (i believe sarcasm is a trademark of intelligent people, and that the more intelligent one really is, the more subtle yet greater the sense of humor :p ), and her depth of passion (Scorpios are really either sinners or saints! Whew!).......

I just read the last statement and it seems to me like something which can only come from an admirer. It is not strange for me to accept so very willingly anyone whom my brother "professes" to love.Daisy herself is guilty of that as she expressed, in one of her memorable dialogues, that, "kaya ko mahalin lahat ng mahal niya, huwag lang ang ex niya (I can love whom he loves, except for his former girlfriend)!!!" To personally admire someone not just because of familial relations is of course another story. Just what is it about about Daisy that my brother saw and made him love her? It could or could not be the very things that I am seeing right now. Whatever they may be though, I am not having any second thoughts as of the moment of following my brother's example of "falling" for her.... ;)
kaigachi is a conjugation of the Japanese term "kigaicha" or crazy. It roughly translates as "crazy about something."

"One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light but by making the darkness conscious." - C.Jung

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Proudly Pinay!
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