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Saturday, May 12, 2007

DEFINE "BLOGGING": REMEMBERING THE iBLOG3 (April 13-14, 2007 UP School of Economics)

Yes I was there, at least for Day 1 (April 13, 2007). My extreme shyness however got the best of me and so, I became but part of what percentage of the audience there was that chose to just listen and remain anonymous. Still, I enjoyed the experience because I came to know a lot. And yes, I learned and am still learning.

The iblog experience actually gave me a lot to think about. Sure, the profiteering part was most interesting but, as what I have come to realize during my recent blog-hopping activities, blogging shouldn't really have anything to do about money at all even if you are blogging about business. The fact that "Posts" are what makes up a blog says it all. "To blog" is "to write". Period.

1st day of the iblog3

The first day of the iblog3 was actually enough for me to gain an in-depth understanding of the blogging world, in spite of the fact that I have been blogging for but a year or so and not that regularly (bloghopping was just a most recent indulgence. "Indulgence" it is because I don't have as much and as often an access to the internet as I want to). The topics of creativity, which actually is really but an expounded answer to the question of where to get ideas on what to write about, and ethics are actually "old friends". I have been dealing with them ever since I started writing for the school paper and for my own amusement during grade school, well on to the various information trends and issues that we have been taught and made to be consistently conscious of in the UP Institute of Library Science. All this time that I have been making my own little space in the world wide web through my blogs, it never occurred to me really that I have to be "successful" in what i was doing. What does "success" mean anyway? As far as my blogging was concerned, it was all about just writing. Expressing myself for my own awareness has always been a very important part of who I am and a blog was just one of the many ways to accomplish that. With that as my purpose, blogging success for me simply meant that through the reflections i did while writing my posts, I have attained a new awareness of my environment and self and have hopefully become a better person than I was before I wrote it.

"Why do I blog?" I think every blogger out there should really find the time to seriously answer this question. For myself, I strongly believe that blogging should first and foremost be something that benefits the blogger on a deeper level than what the financial benefits of blogging can ever offer. I have read somewhere once,before I even had my first ever blog, that one should only consider blogging if the itch to write for self-expression is as important as breathing. You blog because it is important for you to be "heard" and that you believe you have something important to share to an audience. We all can claim to having that "something important to share". Let us just however make it a point that the importance of that "something" is not defined or dictated by its popularity with our intended audience. Whatever we write about, as a direct analogy to whatever we talk about, reflects the persons that we are. Think on what our blog posts says about us if we write about something which is just popular yet we really have no committed interest in.

"Write to express, not to impress." This was quoted at Day 1 of the iblog3 in answer to the question of how to go about writing when one seemingly lacks the "talent". This is actually a Journalism motto. In Journalism, talent is a must. In blogging, i don't think special writing skills are necessary. For as long as we are able to express ourselves, it is enough. Writing is simply but refined thinking. To write is simply to put our thoughts and feelings into a physical manifestation, something which we can particularly access through our sense of sight. The real magnificence of words lies in the fact that they are instruments which we can use to make other people somehow experience the world as we do. Let us use them well. Make your blog a success by allowing your readers to know more about the world and themselves through your experiences and perspectives. Think of the world, which is the internet in this case, as a pond and your blogpost as a stone. To be able to inspire, move, uplift, and even just to be able to make someone smile through your blogpost is to make ripples, and it has a far more stronger ripple-effect than a five-figure Adsense check could even hope for. d:p

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kaigachi is a conjugation of the Japanese term "kigaicha" or crazy. It roughly translates as "crazy about something."

"One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light but by making the darkness conscious." - C.Jung

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