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Monday, June 11, 2007

Artistic Orgasm

2:54 AM 6/11/2007

One of the most frustrating things about writing, or blogging for this matter, is the fact that the more you write, the more ideas get into your head and more often than not, it all gets messed up with one another and just produces yet another chaotic abstract painting inside your head. i know. it happens to me all the time. it even gets worse - i end up writing nothing at all. but then eventually, i get to write and i am thankful for it everytime. because everytime i do so is a release - an expression of self.

I consider myself very fortunate that despite the fact that I have very limited access to the internet, I still get to blog. I am not very happy that I cannot really write and publish my posts in real-time because of that limitation but at least, I get by. I may not be able to follow rule no. 1 of Mr. Yuga's 7 Blogging Habits but at least i still find ways to get satisfaction from my blog with my posts, no matter the obstacles. The thing is , I just write - in scraps, in notebooks, in text files in other PCs, but usually in a notepad file entitled "sessions" in my service laptop. Whenever an idea hits me and just won't "quiet itself" down, i start writing with whatever i have in hand be it a pen, pencil or keyboard. Then I just upload it whenever I get to be on-line, and publish it using the date and time when I actually wrote it on the original medium or file. I don't edit; not really, except for the basic spelling and grammar, and the title. Before, when paper was my only medium, there were never really any need to have titles. I write what I think, hence journal entries always sound like essays except that they are more personal. It just so happened that when I became more into information studies and blogging, i realized the importance of coming up with more appropriate "searchable" titles. Then of course, there are tags - keywords that you assign to your posts as to make them more retrievable.

When something is really so important as to be an integral part of you, you do all that you can to keep it, express your passion for it, give it fulfillment, live it. For some time actually, i lost track of what i was blogging about. I kept remembering the pointers from the iblog3 on how to be "successful" in blogging, mostly about the viral parts. i noticed however that when i tried doing that, i gradually lost interest all too soon. it took all the passion, the joy, and the fulfillment away from my writing. so here i am again, just writing about my life and all its joys, pains, struggles and achievements. i may not be popular but life's themes are, and it is my joy to be able to share my humanity. this is what i feel i do best so this is what i am doing. hopefully, whoever out there who gets to read my posts may derive something from it which he or she can relate to, or learn from, and best of all, share with others.
kaigachi is a conjugation of the Japanese term "kigaicha" or crazy. It roughly translates as "crazy about something."

"One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light but by making the darkness conscious." - C.Jung

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Proudly Pinay!
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