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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

...para sa mga gusto maging future UP students: the UPCAT 2010-2011 (info and UPCAT tips)

Pakipasa: sa mga estudyanteng 4th year sa hayskul ngayong pasukan maging sila ay inyong anak, estudyante, pamangkin, kamag-anak, kaibigan, inaanak at etc. Applicable din sa mga guro at magulang ng nasabing pangkat ng mag-aaral.


The University of the Philippines College Admission Test or  UPCAT <oop-kat> is the official admission exam of the UP System. It is annually administered to incoming senior high school students who would like to qualify for admission to the University. The exam is held every 1st Saturday and Sunday of August, with the results coming out in February of the succeeding year.  

For more detailed information about who else can take the exam, what are the requirements, when are the deadlines, how much to pay, and etc. please click the link below:

23 June 2009 - Metro Manila Schools
30 June 2009 - Non-Metro Manila Schools

Below are quick links to the required forms. These are FREE to download and distribute:


Some tips about the UPCAT:
Hopefully some of these are still applicable. 10 years na kasi since nag-UPCAT ako eh, hehehe.

1. Ano'ng klase yung exam?
Math, Science, General Information, and Reading Comprehension. In English and Filipino yung questions for all subjects. If I remember correctly, 100 questions each so mga 400 questions yun under time pressure.  The exam lasts for about 5 hours. May morning and afternoon sessions.

2. Gaano kadali yung exam compared to other exams?
Madali lang actually. Comparable to the NSAT, actually maganda pagpraktisan yung mga NSAT reviewers. Slightly more challenging than the USTET.

Mas madali and normal compared sa DOST Scholarship Exam.

Mas masakit sa ulo compared sa regular college admission exams except siguro for ACET and DLSU dahil:
a.may mga Science and Math questions na nasa Filipino (medyo nakakalito unawain minsan. Also goes to say na hindi rin lamang yung magaling mag-Ingles pero mahina sa Filipino)

b. Mahahaba yung babasahing paragraphs pero one to three questions lang naman yung tanong. Pang-ubos oras talaga.

3. Your chances of passing the UPCAT ay depende sa:
a. The average of your 1st - 3rd year high school grades + UPCAT Score. Ito yung dati. Nira-rank nila yung average scores then may alloted percentage per campus and per course. Nowadays, nagsasama na rin yata sila ng other factors. Ewan ko kung ano na ba yung mga yun.

b. Your choice of campus. Mas marami ka siyempre kalaban sa Diliman dahil ito yung madalas na first choice ng mga UPCAT takers.

c. Your choice of Course/s.Sa UPCAT, you are asked to give first and second choices. Mas okay kung yung gusto mo talaga kunin ay non-quota course. Kasi kung may quota, nasa top rankings ka dapat in order to get in. Example, BSBAA ang number one na pinipili ng students sa UPD. Nasa top 5% ka dapat ng ranking in order for you to have a fighting chance to get in.

d. Faith. Pramis, totoo ito. Prayers help. Isa pa, if deep in your gut you believe na for UP ka, talagang magugulat ka na lang na pumasa ka na pala. You'll know it.

e. Common Sense, bilis bumasa, at pagiging maingat sa pagsagot. 

4. Right minus wrong daw ang pag-check ng exam...
 ... ayon sa mga Proctors. Ewan kung totoo ito. During my time, hindi ko to sineryoso. Basta I made sure na nasagutan ko lahat. Since machine-checked yung paper (yup, parang NET/ NSTA/ PRC type), baka lalo pumalya pag may blanko ako'ng sagot. 

5. Do your best. You only have one chance to pass the UPCAT. But then, it does not mean that you have to take it so seriously. Enjoy the experience. If you do not make it, at least you had the guts to try. Not everyone has the stomach to even try taking the UPCAT. Besides, if UP is really your "dream school", you can always try to transfer later on after you have incurred at least 33 units and an average grade of 1.5 or better in all your credited subjects (actually this is so much easier! beware however that in UP, a well-earned grade of 3.0 could be equivalent to your easily-earned grade of 1.5 elsewhere. Practice studying hard!).

6. Make sure that when you pass the UPCAT, you are fully prepared to do whatever it takes to graduate from UP. Totoo na mas madali makapasok kaysa makalabas. Nangangain kasi ng self-esteem ang UP, nyahaha!!! Personally, it took me several scary depressions, one year of LOA, 2 courses, two years of AWOL, and two years of languishing in thesis work before I was able to graduate. Bale 9 years kung bibilangin. BUt it has its rewards syempre. :)



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