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Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Going gaga over Chun and Ella

I'm definitely late. It has been two years since Hana Kimi made waves on Asian televisions. I have just watched the whole series, thanks to my sister who really made a point to wake up at 10 am every Sunday morning just to watch the Tagalized reruns on ABS-CBN channel 2. Nope, I did not religiously watched the reruns. I purchased the subtitled DVD, and boy, I've been crazed eversince. To date, I have watched it (both secretly and not) for at least 4 times, often fastforward-rewinding to favorite scenes and super-kilig moments. What actually piqued my interest and began this crazy fascination was  the behind-the-scenes (BTS in forum-speak) moments in the S.H.E and Tank MVs of the show's opening and ending themes.

I shouldn't have watched them. I should not have paid attention. I have been "in decline" ever since. I fell fast and hard. I have a thousand bumps - goosebumps because I can't help but  be affected by Ella and Chun, as individuals, and as a pair. I can't help but. They are both beautiful people inside and out as shown through their own words and deeds. It is actually quite humbling and at the same time, empowering how such "big stars" can be so real, so unpretentious, and so caring about other people. Ella, in particular, amazes me. I have found the perfect "idol" in her I think. Of course I'm biased just because I so strongly identify with her. For me, she is really one-of-a-kind. Her uniqueness as an artist that espouses not the usual womanly airs but as a girl who can do just about everything with her simplicity, her strength, her sense of independence, her candor,  her down-to-earth sensibilities, and her simple aim to "just be a good person" is just so wonderful, it borders on the ridiculous. I don't think there's anyone quite like her. As for Chun, well, one just has to read his blog entries to get an idea of what it is to like about him. I know what spontaneous writing is like and this guy for me is the real thing. I could just go on and waste my words without being able to express anything sensible in my wonderment. Hah! Talk about talking about idols. An "idol" is actually something that inspires "worship."

This actually brings back memories of 2001 when, tired of the monotonous frustration and running away that was my life then, I became so engrossed with Hanson largely due to their inspiring album This Time Around. I fell in love. I went all the way. I began collecting albums, lyrics, pictures.... The obsession stopped a few years later but the inspiration their music brough into my life was really a life-changing one. There was nothing to regret. I just have a collection that I have no idea where to put to, now that the urge to surround myself with things associated with my "idols" has passed. With Chun and Ella, the feeling is quite similar. I am sorely tempted to join the fanatics forums, collect pictures and videos, and yes, even learn Mandarin and go to Taiwan! I want to dive headlong into the fanatic experience just because there's nothing quite like the rush of excitement that goes with such indulgence. But then, this is now 2009. I have simpler yet bigger dreams than attending concerts abroad of a celebrity couple who speaks a language I cannot even understand. Simpler dreams and more practical goals like slimming down, staying fit, learning another language, investing, traveling the country and abroad, saving up, and getting another degree. The beautiful thing about my current "obsession" is that Chun and Ella are my inspirations. Like "This Time Around" the album, they have empowered me to BE; to wake up from my dark dreams and do something about achieving my goals through small but sure steps. Going gaga sure brings it's own rewards. It brings the drive and the passion notches higher than the usual, making me more determined and focused on the things I really want.

As much as the Chunella tandem has been a blessing in the joy that they bring to their thousands of fans, so have they been a blessing to me. To simply know that such "beautiful people" do exist have given me hope for better and grander things in my own life. My life is made richer by their example on how to live to the fullest. Now, wait til I learn Mandarin! ;)

Chun and Ella. (Hana Kimi) by Wu Chun from  
ttp:// November 2, 2009.

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"One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light but by making the darkness conscious." - C.Jung

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