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Friday, November 06, 2009

New Librarians' Prayer

Lord God, in whatever name we worship You, with most grateful hearts we thank You for today, the beginning of our lives as professional librarians. We all have come a long way to be here. Thank you for making this possible. Thank you for our family, friends, and mentors who have all been part of our success; and for the faith that sustained us throughout the review, the exam, and the agony of waiting for the results.

Lord, we understand that this is but the beginning. We know that our challenges as librarians will be great ones. And yet Lord, we only ask that You help us do our job well. Grant us the strength and the determination to commit ourselves to the librarian's motto of constant and never -ending improvement. Help us raise the standards of our profession by giving us the courage to always strive for excellence in everything we do. Above all Lord, help us to serve the Filipino people. In spite of the low income, and the many misconceptions about our profession, may we always take pride in our role as educators. May we always do our best as living examples, and as advocates, of life-long learning. We offer You our lives Lord. Lead us.

These we pray, Amen.

- delivered at the Oathtaking Ceremonies of the LLE 2008 Passers, December 16, 2008, Manila Pavillion Hotel
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Proudly Pinay!

Proudly Pinay!
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