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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Becoming a librarian (part 2): The library school.

Part of the "Becoming a librarian series" - a personal advocacy to create awareness about the world of books, libraries, librarians, the librarianship profession and their enduring relevance.

Before coming to ILIS, I only had a vague notion that library schools exists. I thought before that it was only a minor track that Education majors get to choose. It was therefore a revelation to know that there is an institute such as the UP ILIS (now SLIS) dedicated to librarianship and that there are several tracks to choose from - IT, Law, Medical, Archives and Records Management. It was a whole new world for me - new but very familiar. It was finally home. Yet settling down have been difficult still. My confidence was in tatters when I finally arrived at the Institute and no amount of familiarity with libraries and books can ever wash away the feeling that I was not good enough for academics anymore. I know now that I was not the only one who came to the ILIS feeling that way, but during that period, I had never felt more alone. Still, it was as fresh a start as any. Again, I found solace in the library. I read as much as I could. It helped me keep up with my school work, while feeding my head and my heart with encouraging words. Another lifetime later, I was finally done with my thesis work and saying my goodbye and thank you to the original Oble at the ILIS hallway for finally consenting to make me a UP graduate. Little did I know that dear Oble and I still have a long way to go in our "personal relationship." 

I still find it funny and ironic to this day how I was "called" to serve UP through my former college and, through my former department. What a life! It was a challenge though. A challenge so tough that some days, rising up to it feels like going through a rigorous physical training even if all I did for the day was sit in front of my service PC looking for MARC records, drafting short articles, and revising technical procedures. Whew! 

Then there was the librarianship exam...

(to be continued...)
Next in the series: The registered librarian
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