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Saturday, December 11, 2010

I have a crush on you...

We all had them,and still do, in gradeschool, high school, college, and even at work. They can be our seatmate, playmate, teacher, neighbor, classmate, or our own friend. Did we let them know? Shall we? But how, why, and what good will it do us or them? Such is the dilemma, the frustration, the angst associated with crushes, especially with serious cases. No, it is not just a juvenile thing at all. I personally think that it is as equally frustrating for mature persons to deal with crushes as it is for teenagers. The questions and dilemmas are all the same. Let's enumerate them.

She doesn't know...
Of course, our crush doesn't know. And would you dare tell him or her? Why? What good will it do? Yet personally, I'm the crazy type who do believe that it deserves telling. But of course,one should do so in a careful and light-hearted way without having any expectations. Just tell them exactly why you like them; what quality of theirs you admire exactly. Why? Because it might help them in a positive way like boost their self-esteem. Many of us would have done better if only in the past there was someone who has been brave enough to let us know that we were appreciated, and that we rightfully deserve so because we are quirky, funny, charming, talented, down-to-earth - all the things that make us who we essentially are.

I might scare her...
No, but depending on what kind of person he or she is, either it will be appreciated, shrugged off, or yes, they just might freak out. Your crush' reception will also depend on how you say it, both verbally and through your body language. Say it because you simply need to say or it will kill you ;p Do not say it because you are expecting that he or she will like you in return. Also, when you say it, say why you are saying it. Keep it short. Smile, then walk away. Breathe. And, oh yes, please do it privately or at least, discreetly.

Why ever should I say it in the first place?
First, you will be unburdened. It also might help you overcome the feeling faster. Second, it might just be a sure way for your crush to take notice of you. Let's just both hope it will be in a positive way ;p Third, knowing that someone admires and appreciates him or her just might be a positive thing for your crush. Fourth, it is a test of character for your crush. If he or she behaves rottenly after knowing you like him or her, then you will know that your crush is not worth your admiration and precious time. Go find another one. 

Did you ever tell your crush...
..that I like her? Yes, I did. We became friends. Still friends after 8 years. Him? Not yet, but I plan to. Very soon.

So, would you tell you crush that you really, really like her/him?

kaigachi is a conjugation of the Japanese term "kigaicha" or crazy. It roughly translates as "crazy about something."

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