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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Why UP Rallies should matter to you

Pinoy ka ba?

Did you hear about the UP Manila freshman who committed suicide because she was forced to go on leave (LOA) having been unable to pay her tuition fees on time? Have you ever wondered why outreach services at the UP PGH have all dwindled to near non-existence making health care more elusive for the least of our countrymen? It is what budget cuts do. It kills. It takes away people's lives, literally.

So, do you still think that the rallies at the Batasan or in Mendiola every budget deliberations for State Universities and Colleges (SCUs) has nothing to do with you? No? How wonderful for you!

source: next time you complain about the rising cost of education and hospital fees, of the rampant commercialization in every aspect of our public services, of why our very own national university couldn't make it to the top of the list of world universities, of why in the near future your very own promising genius of a kid may not even afford to enter UP, think again of the word "Relevance" before you even breathe a single expletive against those "walang silbing militanteng estudyante."

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Proudly Pinay!

Proudly Pinay!
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