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Thursday, June 13, 2013

A salute to all IRONwoMAN!

my own IRONwoMAN :)
It is almost Father's day yet let me tell you about my mother. She is one of the feistiest and most stubborn females I know. Fortunately for me, my inherent introversion and shyness kind of balanced whatever "Gabriela Silang" genes I inherited from her. It was from watching her while growing up that I understood what Anne Rice must have meant when she wrote in her book Pandora that even if women are naturally the weaker sex, there's no telling what a strong woman can do. 

She's a mother of eight lively, healthy, intelligent kids which she almost single-handedly raised for almost two decades while my father worked overseas. We were not well off. We literally lived below the poverty line. The story of my growing up years felt like a mash-up of the best episodes of the TV show Maalala Mo Kaya because of all the tear-jerker moments. Yet all those years growing up, I never felt that we lacked anything important. I have always felt very capable. I did feel different most of the time but it was difference as in independent, special, important, great. Although I was aware that money was always an issue for us, not once did I even think that our life will always be miserably bereft because we were born poor.

Now looking back, I marvel at the kind of woman who was able to inculcate such positivity in me and the rest of my siblings. What must have it felt like for her all these years? I knew there were times she grew lonely and tired and even despondent yet, she stayed true to the call of motherhood. We've had our minor disagreements and serious fights over the years and yet, whenever I break down and needed hugs and affirmation, she was there. She was there even if I never ask for help. She is always the first to feel my sadness, and the one to shake little Nino's glass abode in Baclaran with her fervent prayers whenever I am gunning for a major achievement.

I am at a point in my life where I yearn to become a parent soon; to have my own kids who I can take care of, and shower with love, affection, discipline, and instill with a sense of responsibility for others that our parents have managed to plant in us. As I look at my Mom while pondering on parenthood, I cannot help but feel proud. She is not only a woman of grace, warmth, and humor, but also one with a spine of steel. We needed a father, yes, but when ours was miles away, she showed us and everyone that she can do anything for the love of her children. She is my very own super-heroine, one that I so look forward to emulating.
This Father's day, I salute all single mothers who had the guts to be strong and do everything to ensure a bright future for their children just like a real man would.

August Bernadette 
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Proudly Pinay!
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