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Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Of ripped pants and Resting In Peace (R.I.P)

photo from; as screengrabbed from the Twitter page of Cherry Pabilonia
photo from by Cherry Pabilonia
So a man jumped from the 7th floor patio of our office building yesterday morning in about the same time my nerve-wracking experience of accidentally ripping the inner leg seam of my office pants was taking place on a public bus bound for Ayala Avenue.

Hearing about the suicide later in the day struck me as tragically comedic. There I was with my wardrobe malfunction, shaking with anxiety about how to get off the bus without anyone of the mostly male passengers noticing my private peek-show, while someone contemplated on jumping off to his death. What could trigger a young married man to take his life?

I wondered if I ever came across that guy, Christian. I never went to the patio, but maybe in the lobby or in one of the elevators. If I had chanced to see him and looked into his eyes, would I have known? If I did, and I smiled at him, would it have made a difference in his intent?

I realized I have written so much about figuring a way out of my own bouts of depression and growing up pains in this blog that I might as well turn in into a resource for those undergoing tough times, enough to contemplate suicide.

I know sometimes all it takes is one person who will listen... If I can be that person, I gladly would.

If you are someone who is currently feeling helpless for sometime now, feeling trapped and suffocating and hopeless, wait up. PLEASE, PLEASE DO NOT TAKE YOUR OWN LIFE!!! Send me e-mail, talk to me on Skype, if you want snail mail I'll write you one. You are one of God's beautiful miracles and you were made for a grand purpose. The world still needs you. Please reconsider. Let me help you become aware of that again.

11:22 PM 11/5/2013

"Suffering builds character." ―Talia al Ghul to Bruce Wayne

August Bernadette
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